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Discover PMC's Technologies 

From developing new routes to high-value chemicals to creating tomorrow's anti-cancer molecules. At Umicore PMC, we utilise the power of collaboration, sustainability and quality to design cutting-edge solutions to inspire your chemical innovations. 

To learn more about our diverse technology portfolio, choose one of our technology areas below to discover how we can apply our solution to enhance your products, processes and offerings. 


Alkene Metathesis - Grubbs Catalysts, Hoveyda Grubbs Catalysts

Metathesis Catalysts Guide - Key features, applications, reference guide, and general information 

Isomerization - transforming cis-alkenes into trans-alkenes or vice versa

Ring-Opening Reactions - converting the cyclic reagents into linear chains

Amination - incl. Buchwald-Hartwig amination

Cross-Coupling Reactions - range of highly active Buchwald, Hazari, and MeNAP CX Technology

Asymmetric Reactions - supply of asymmetrical catalysts for reaction synthesis

Hydrogenation - Wilkinson’s catalyst (Rh(PPh3)3Cl) to reduce an alkene to an alkane

Hydroformylation - oxo synthesis, one of the most important homogeneous catalyst-mediated reactions

Carbonylation - works by the catalytic insertion of carbon monoxide to extend carbon frameworks

Hydrosilylation - process of forming organosilanes or organosilicones from simple Si-H building blocks


Water Electrolysis - see our range of platinum and iridium catalysts to facilitate the electrolysis of water

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