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Advanced catalyst technologies for efficient cross-coupling reactions

Cross-coupling reactions are one of the most elegant and versatile synthetic methods to prepare agrochemicals, electronics, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. At Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry, we offer a selection of highly active catalysts and precatalysts that excel at cross-coupling reactions. We provide unparalleled access to outstanding proprietary, patent-protected technologies that support customers with an expansive portfolio of cutting-edge homogeneous catalysts and service offerings.

Alongside metathesis and C-H activation, cross-coupling reactions offer another way to make carbon-carbon bonds. With many named reactions available to those scientists who wish to synthesize new carbon scaffolds, your Umicore PMC specialist can provide the assistance needed to identify which reaction provides the best, most efficient and effective route to get you to your target molecule.

Innovative homogeneous cross-coupling catalysts from research to commercial scale.

Developed to overcome the challenges associated with in situ catalyst formation, air and moisture stable Buchwald and Hazari precatalysts can be applied to a wide range of challenging cross-coupling reactions. Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry now offers a selection of Hazari palladium-based precatalysts. This includes Umicore CX200, Hazari’s unligated dimeric catalyst, which offers fast and sophisticated in situ ligand screening to identify the most efficient metal-ligand complex. Get in touch to find out how we can help you get the most from your cross-coupling reactions.

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