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Unveiling MeNAP CX Catalyst Technology

A breakthrough in the realm of chemical reactions

At Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry, we leverage cutting-edge catalysts like MeNAP CX to transform cross-coupling reactions. MeNAP, or Di(µ-bromo)bis(1-methylnaphthyl)dipalladium(II), is a highly effective precatalyst, working in synergy with advanced ligand technology to enable specific and selective coupling reactions.

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Why MeNAP CX Catalysts matter

C-C-bond formation via cross-coupling catalysis , stands as a cornerstone in organic chemistry. MeNAP CX catalysts facilitate the synthesis of biologically active or functional materials, crucial in finally applied downstream products.

At Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry, we recognize the pivotal role of cross-coupling chemistry. Our commitment to advancing this field is reflected in our diverse CX catalyst portfolio. This includes MeNAP CX, a catalyst that plays a vital role in facilitating and enhancing the synthesis. By incorporating MeNAP CX into Umicore’s portfolio, we ensure our customers have access to cutting-edge technology for their catalytic needs.

MeNAP CX catalysts are further supplementing already existing Umicore CX technologies yielding the individual strengths and performance of the MeNAP CX technology and aiming challenging cross coupling reactions.


Key Features of MeNAP CX Catalysts

The standout feature of MeNAP CX lies in its ability to execute challenging cross-coupling reactions such as Suzuki-Miyaura couplings of arylchlorids and boronic acid derivatives forming tetra-ortho-substituted biaryls at room temperature with low catalyst loadings. Moreover, MENAP CX catalysts can be combined flexibly with many different phosphine, NHC or Buchwald ligands enabling a fine-tuning adapted to individual reactions and increasing the accessible substrate scope.


Driving Innovation Together

Embark on a collaborative journey with us! Our problem-solving mindset and extensive expertise are dedicated to innovating solutions. Together, we'll innovate solutions such as screening support or customized MeNAP catalysts involving your ligand and shape success stories using MeNAP CX technology. Explore how our MeNAP precursors M700 and M750 or preformed catalysts can address your unique challenges across pharmaceuticals, materials science, and beyond. We have selected few privileged phosphines and NHC ligands to allow a first screening of the technology. We will be happy to evaluate any ligands you may identify in your the screening tests to prepare preformed catalysts. So you do not need to bother for catalyst preparation at scale. Our MeNAP technology is very versatile and we are continuously evaluating more ligands.

Therefore, stay tuned!

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Seeking more information about MeNAP's applications or its availability for your specific needs? Reach out to us! Our team is ready to provide tailored information, discuss potential collaborations, or answer any queries you might have regarding MeNAP technology.

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