Innovating in industry using advanced catalyst technologies

Success in the fine chemicals industry relies on creating highly functional chemicals as efficiently as possible. With an ever-expanding portfolio of homogeneous catalysts and heterogeneous catalyst precursors, we make sure to provide the skills and expertise needed for any chemical synthesis. Our range of highly important reactions includes the Nobel Prize-winning cross-coupling and metathesis chemistries, as well as reactions including hydrogenation, hydroformylation and amination reactions.

Whether you need to create agrochemicals, fragrances or polymer materials, we have the catalyst that will work for you. By applying our knowledge of the precious metals industry, we can help you to create new chemicals that excel in your industry.

How can we help create solutions together?

Fine chemical production

Efficient catalysts accelerate production and innovation.

Regardless of your chemical industry, we leverage our years of expertise in precious and fine chemicals production to accelerate innovation. Whether you need to produce an agrochemical through a cross-coupling or metathesis reaction, or your fine chemical product involves an amination reaction step, we can provide the catalyst to accelerate production.

We believe the best partnerships are those forged through collaboration. We therefore take the time to get to know your individual requirements to ensure your endeavour is a success.

Our portfolio of homogeneous catalysts only continues to grow. The inclusion of the Umicore Grubbs Catalyst® range means we offer unrivalled access to the best metathesis catalysts to perform metathesis chemistry. If your reaction requires a cross-metathesis, a ring-opening or ring-closing metathesis reaction, we can provide the solution. In addition, our Buchwald and Hazari precatalysts enable you to perform highly efficient cross-coupling reactions.

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Functional materials and polymers

Developing sustainable functional materials for a greener future

We are constantly developing sustainable solutions to combat the world’s biggest challenges. Our technologies are actively being used by companies that are investigating bio-based alternatives to replace petroleum-derived chemicals and materials. Take metathesis as just one example. We combine our decades of experience optimising this reaction with the best portfolio, using our Umicore Grubbs Catalysts® to create success. With this revolutionary reaction, our customers have access to efficient ways to sustainably synthesise high-performance materials.

Nowadays, manufacturers desire chemicals that provide high functionality through optimised reactions. This could mean that a manufacturer values the high yield of their hydrosilylation reaction, achievable through appropriate catalysis, or it could mean forming complex branching polymers through a ring-opening polymerisation reaction. Performance is valued differently by different manufacturers, and we work with our customers and partners to ensure every project meets their expectations.

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Oxo industry

A century’s old reaction leading today’s business

Dating back to the 1930’s, oxo synthesis, also known as hydroformylation, is one of the most important homogeneous transition metal-based reactions. Involving the formation of an aldehyde functional group, oxo synthesis produces several million tons of aldehyde chemicals every year. Oxo synthesis serves to create vital intermediates for many essential industrial chemicals such as surfactants, solvents and PVC additives.

Success and cost-effectivesess in the oxo industry rely on the successful management of the rhodium metal catalyst. We have set up our business around supplying highly active catalysts, providing the necessary routes to recycle spent catalysts when needed, and ensuring the catalyst is available in the condition they require.

Furthermore, we have innovated our recycling technologies to ensure no rhodium metal is lost throughout the process. We also work to provide you, the customer, with accurate information on catalyst lifetimes and recyclability.

For more on our recycling capabilities visit our dedicated Precious Metals Refining website.

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Providing the perfect metal surface

Electroplating and electrodeposition have been used for over 200 years to produce lighter and cheaper electronic components for the decoration of jewellery or nanotechnology.

The success of any plating process is the ability to provide the best coating process. This could involve defining the right sequence of metal coatings, or providing baths with the right precious metal solution to provide a uniform deposition. We work to understand the ideal chemical profile needed for your plating process to meet your specific requirements.

Providing the right sequence of deposition technologies is essential for any electrochemical coating. It affects the shape, functionality and appearance of any material. We know how important it is to get this right, and we can help you to identify the best way to create your functional chemical.

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