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MeNAP CX Catalysts

Pioneering advancements in chemical reaction catalysis

At Umicore PMC, we harness state-of-the-art catalysts such as MeNAP CX to revolutionize cross-coupling reactions. MeNAP, also known as Di(µ-bromo)bis(1-methylnaphthyl)dipalladium(II), acts as an exceptionally fast activating precatalyst. It collaborates seamlessly with cutting-edge ligand technology, facilitating precise and selective coupling reactions.

Key Features of the MeNAP CX Catalysts:

  • Specialized in executing challenging cross-coupling reactions like Suzuki-Miyaura couplings
  • Able to facilitate the formation of tetra-ortho-substituted biaryls at room temperature
  • Achieves this with low catalyst loadings, enhancing efficiency
  • Offers flexibility by combining with various phosphine, NHC, or Buchwald ligands
  • Allows fine-tuning for individual reactions, expanding the range of accessible substrates
  • Enhances substrate scope by adapting to different ligands, broadening applicability

CAS Number: 2751616-98-3
Empirical formula: [Pd(α-MeNAP)Br]2

  • Synthesis of challenging tetra-ortho-substituted arenes
  • Use of arylchlorides
  • Up to quantitative yields achievable at rt
  • Low catalyst loading

CAS Number: 2751617-01-1
Empirical formula: Pd(α-MeNAP)(P(tBu)3)Br

CAS Number: 2751617-04-4
Empirical formula: Pd(α-MeNAP)(IPr)Br

CAS Number: 2751617-11-3
Empirical formula: Pd(α-MeNAP)(cataCXium® A)Br

CAS Number: 2751617-00-0
Empirical formula: [Pd(β-MeNAP)Br]2

  • Comparable performance and substrate scope as CX700 (Suzuki-Miyaura)
  • Outstanding performance in the monoarylation of ammonium triflate
  • Use in late-stage functionalization of substituted anilines

Product portfolio

Let's explore how MeNAP CX catalysts, paired with our problem-solving approach, can create a new narrative of success in catalysis