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Creating hAPIs to deliver a better Quality of Life

The need for new pharmaceuticals is growing. With the rise in global population putting increased demand on existing services, new pharmaceutical development procedures and high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (hAPIs) are needed to provide necessary and effective medicines and therapies.

Whatever challenge you face throughout the synthesis of your pharmaceuticals, we are here to help. Our selection of catalysts excels across multiple reactions, making it simple to form complex chemical structures. Whether you need a palladium cross-coupling catalyst for carbon-carbon bond formation, or a Grubbs Catalyst® to form via metathesis a large polycyclic structure, we can work together to develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.

Let's work together to develop a custom solution.

Manufacturing high-potency APIs

Your reliable partner in the development of anti-cancer APIs

With over 20 years’ experience in the production and manufacturing of high-potency APIs (hAPIs), Umicore offers a range of products for use across the pharmaceutical industry.

Operating out of our state-of-the-art facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we pride ourselves on producing hAPIs to the highest standard. We also provide routes to new, more specialised molecules, covering metal-based APIs or molecules synthesised through complex organic chemistry. Our process development and manufacturing competencies include:

  • Inorganic, organic, precious metal-based and organometallic chemistry
  • Processing of highly pure, sensitive, toxic or pyrophoric materials
  • Process development and manufacturing in high containment facilities, up to occupational exposure band 5 (OEB5)
  • Integrated analytics expertise

We also offer contract development services at our R&D facility in Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany where our expertise covers synthesis and manufacturing processes, intellectual property, and regulatory affairs support. Our services in this sector include:

  • Dedicated project management under strict confidentiality and IP control
  • Customised support from pre-clinical development to clinical phase
  • Non-GMP development labs
  • cGMP manufacturing facilities
  • In-house QA and QC expertise and services
  • Global IP strategy and support
  • Access to a specialised regulatory affairs team

Delivering reliable quality

Regardless of your pharmaceutical product, you need to be confident in the quality and integrity of your therapeutic compound. Both are key drivers for us at Umicore PMC, which is why our Argentina facility produces APIs that are fully compliant with cGMP requirements for global markets and is regularly inspected and endorsed by various health agencies and customers. Most notably, in 2014 our facility passed a third-party audit in accordance with DIN/ISO14001 norms and underwent successful US FDA inspections in 2016 and 2018.

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Looking for a reliable partner in the development of new therapies?

Catalysing your pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals 

Patient health matters to us

We value creating long-term collaborations that have the biggest impact on improving patients' health. We work to leverage our R&D and manufacturing expertise to help bring your pharmaceutical products to reality. In a more competitive landscape, you need to be confident that your chemicals set you aside from the competition.

It all begins with the synthesis. Getting this step right will set you up for success. At Umicore, we believe in identifying the right route to get to your chemical as efficiently as possible. We offer various catalysts that mean you succeed in performing your specific reaction. Whether this is a metathesis reaction using our Grubbs Catalyst® technology, or a cross-coupling reaction using our Buchwald and Hazari precatalyst range, we provide solutions to your problems.

If your pharmaceutical material involves carbon-carbon bonds, you may be interested in our metathesis technology. Our Grubbs Catalyst® provide highly predictable methods of forming complex chemical frameworks including macrocycles, polycycles or even polymers. By partnering with Umicore, you gain unrivalled access to an expanding intellectual property that enables you to synthesize valuable chemicals or chemical intermediates in a sustainable manner.

With decades of expertise in the industry across our global R&D teams, we tailor solutions to individual syntheses. We work closely with you to understand the underlying chemistry governing your reaction to provide a scalable catalysed reaction. 

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Regardless of your chemical synthesis, we can find a solution that works for you.