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Asymmetric Reactions with PMC

At Umicore PMC, we specialise in supplying the right catalyst for your reaction. One area that requires our specific expertise is in the supply of asymmetrical catalysts for reaction synthesis. Specific stereoisomers or stereocentres are essential in various industries and are frequently found in chemicals on the fine chemicals market. Many pharmaceutical molecules, fragrances or flavours require the formation of chiral centres to provide the right functionality for the given application.

Whether your desired chemical involves cis- or trans- alkene isomers, or S- or R- carbon stereoisomers, we can supply the right catalyst to help make your synthesis simple. You need to be confident that you will reliably form your desired stereochemical; with Umicore PMC catalysts you can rest assured that your products are the exact stereoisomers you want. Get in touch to find out how we can help build your desired chemical or browse our products to find out how we can help you.

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