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Umicore Hanau passed the TfS (Together for Sustainability) audit program

Precious Metals Chemistry

We are proud to announce the successfully audit of Umicore’s facility in Hanau (Germany) by the
Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative. This confirms and reinforces Umicore’s policy and commitment to sustainability.  

Volker Raab, Director Global HOC Business, comments: 
“Due to our policy for sustainability, we passed the audit program of the 2011 founded TfS initiative without further ado.
We are very proud to be in accordance with the objectives of TfS and we look forward to the ongoing close collaboration with the participating group of companies.”

Our policy - Because we only have one environment…

We are committed to being a materials technology group providing our customers with the best solutions while making the smallest imprint manageable on the environment. We believe in the principles of sustainable development and willingly take on the responsibility that accompanies this commitment.

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