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Umicore donates € 5,000 to University Children’s Hospital

Precious Metals Chemistry

Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry (PMC) business unit of Umicore's materials technology and recycling group, is donating again € 5,000 to the Parents' Initiative for Children with Leukemia and Tumors Würzburg e.V.

The fight against cancer, especially children's cancer, is an important concern for PMC. With this donation, Umicore directly helps on site and thus supports important research projects in the field of pediatric oncology at the University Children's Hospital in Würzburg. 

The commitment of the medical staff, the doctors of the hospital and the parents' initiative is impressive. Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to directly help children suffering from cancer and their families with € 5,000 for the eighth time already.

Michael Schwarz, Director Global API Business at Umicore.

Each year, the University Children's Hospital takes care of about 100 children and adolescents with newly diagnosed cancer as inpatients and as day-care patients. Umicore's annual donation is used, for research and development of novel therapeutic approaches.

This year's grant will significantly contribute to furnish the recently rented "aftercare apartment". This apartment will accommodate families from abroad who cannot go home during aftercare measures because of the distance.

Jana Lorenz-Eck, member of the board of the Parents' Initiative.


The association Elterninitiative leukämie- und tumorkranker Kinder Würzburg (Parents' Initiative for Children with Leukemia and Tumors Würzburg) has a long-standing and close relationship with the pediatric oncology department in Würzburg and supports the young patients, the families, the environment, and the clinic itself. In addition to inpatient care in the clinic, this also includes the care and support of all those affected and their environment at home.

Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry is one of the world's leading manufacturers of highly active, metal-containing, and organic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to combat cancer. 

©Umicore: Jana Lorenz-Eck
The donation was handed over in compliance with current hygiene and health measures.

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