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Organic Process Research and Development

We steadily support Scientific Update's Events for trailblazing Insights and Industry Networking

Scientific Update's "Organic Process Research and Development" (OPRD) events and the "Winter Conferences" cater to professionals in organic synthesis, manufacturing, and chemical engineering. These conferences provide a focused platform for industry experts, chemists, engineers, and researchers from the pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors. Attendees gain insights into cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and best practices to optimize processes, reduce costs, and ensure safety in chemical manufacturing. OPRD events facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions on emerging trends, serving as vital forums for bridging theory and practical applications in the field.

We have been supporting the conferences for many years. Discussing the latest developments and solutions and exchanging ideas with scientists is our top priority. 

As a solution-oriented provider, we know which technologies will shape the chemistry of tomorrow. Take the opportunity to attend and contact us directly. We stand for successful cooperation with full competence.

Check out the Conferences and Events from Scientific Update!

OPRD 2024
12. - 14. March - San Diego, CA
23. - 25. September - Prague, CZ