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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We provide our customers with the expertise and technologies needed to succeed, regardless of industry, business or research area. Our philosophy is integrated into all of our offerings, and reflects our commitment to innovate together with our customers and partners.


Sustainability with substance

At Umicore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best technology that has a minimal environmental impact. Umicore’s foundation for sustainability is laid out in ‘The Umicore Way’ which fully outlines our vision, values and organisational principles. We never lose sight of the future, and endeavour to improve our impact.

Sustainability is at the heart of our offerings. We continually strive to develop new ways to minimise our use of natural resources to provide the most environmentally friendly technology. To reach this goal, we proactively invest in innovative technologies that benefit our customers and acknowledge our firm commitment to sustainability. We actively work with our customers and suppliers to uncover how sustainable and environmentally friendly practices can be integrated into their acquisition frameworks. Let’s work together to improve chemical sustainability. We are certified ISO 14001:2015 - see downloadables!


Intellectual Property

Providing unrivalled access to proprietary knowledge

Market leaders understand the importance of using the right technology. It drives solutions and delivers innovation. You need to feel confident you have access to the broadest set of chemical tools to enable you to optimise your reaction and deliver first-class products.

At Umicore, we provide access to a comprehensive portfolio of catalysts and intellectual properties, including the Grubbs Catalyst® Technology, the Buchwald cross-coupling precatalysts and other homogeneous catalysts. We know how important it is to feel safe and confident that any chemicals are used in compliance with legal regulations. By working with Umicore, you don’t need to worry about the legal implications of our technology. Together, we can create the right reaction using the best technology or IP strategy.



Driven by curiosity, innovating at every opportunity

Innovation and novelty drive our industry. It is only by working together, listening and understanding your needs that solutions can be tailored to your specific chemical reaction. Our industry requires new products, so why should our offerings be any different?

What is innovation to Umicore? To us, it is not just about the research and development of a new product or technology. It instead reflects our commitment to improve and apply new technology across our entire development process: from business development, applied technology, production, analytical support, packaging and shipping, to sales and marketing. But the innovation process is incomplete without your input. By understanding your needs, we can help design and develop innovative solutions to meet your specific chemical needs. 



Quality results, quality products

We work to the highest standards, maintaining consistent and high-quality manufacturing and development processes. Multiple layers of quality control go into our development processes, so you can be confident that your product will be of the highest standard. Through working with Umicore, you can be confident that you have access to trained specialists, who are experts in handling and analysing precious metal products.

Customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with quality control, and each year, we ship more than 1000 customised products across the world without complication. We also pride ourselves on the certifications achieved, applying ISO 9001/14001 certification as a minimum. Our analytical department is also one of only a handful in the industry to achieve DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification.



Reliability is the core of our business relationships

Reliability is an essential part of any business relationship. Continuing to deliver results on time and at market quality helps to build trust. At Umicore, what makes us reliable is our team. Our scientists strive to deliver quality and customer satisfaction at all stages of development, making our expertise a valuable addition to your company.

Our numbers speak for themselves. Every year, our customers trust us to transform over €1 billion worth of precious metals into catalysts. We have worked to gain the confidence and trust of many industrial customers and partners, some of whom have worked with us for over 30 years. At Umicore, we deliver what we promise: reliability.



Working together brings out the best in both of us

What is the best catalyst for your reaction? How can you optimise your process to bring it to the industrial scale? These are the types of questions every customer eventually asks. Seeking answers to complex questions does not need to be a difficult task. It is all about finding the right industrial partner you can trust to provide you with the expertise and skills you need.

At Umicore, we know how important collaboration is to industrial success. We have decades of experience collaborating with various company partners covering diverse industries. Success in business comes from leveraging our expertise and associations with various partners, peers, and government officials while making it available to you, our customer.

Let’s make your project a success. Let’s work together to discover an innovative solution to your problem.

We’d love to hear how we can help.