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Pioneering Sustainability through Precious Metals Chemical Precursors

Umicore PMC drives sustainability by providing tailored precious metal precursors for off-gas treatment catalysts and new hydrogen applications, advancing a greener future. Drawing on extensive experience working with customers in automotive and emission control industries, coupled with most efficient production, we are a global leader in the supply of high-quality precious metal chemicals for catalytic converters. Our role extends to fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, providing essential chemicals to accelerate eco-friendly innovations.

Access our range of precious metal products for fuel cells, water electrolysis, and further hydrogen technologies to benefit from our worldwide presence, short lead times and large manufacturing capacities. Umicore PMC paves the way to sustainability delivering tailored chemicals for pioneering catalysts and new environmentally friendly technologies, supporting the way towards a hydrogen-powered future.

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Catalytic Converters

Precious metal chemicals for catalytic off-gas treatment converters 

Sustainability is a key driver for us at Umicore PMC. It is our vision to provide our customers with the right precious metal precursors and expertise to support the transition towards a more sustainable future. Therefore, we are dedicated to supplying our customers and partners with high-quality precious metal chemicals specifically designed to produce off-gas treatment catalysts. 
Our decades of experience being a trustful supplier of precursors for the automotive and emission abatement industry in combination with our large production capacities and short lead-times are our hallmark and make us a world-class partner for emission control applications and new green technologies.  

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Precious Metal Chemicals for Fuel Cells and further Hydrogen Technologies 

Supporting the development of green technologies

Umicore PMC aims to contribute to a better future supporting the transition towards green technologies. For this reason, we want to be your partner supplying you with the precious metal chemicals that you need to develop and manufacture new hydrogen technologies.  
Contact us to gain access to our portfolio of chemicals for fuel cells, water electrolysis and further hydrogen technologies. Our global footprint and high metal throughput enable us to have a time- and cost-effective manufacturing of sustainable solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

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