Catalysts that provide cleaner air for all

Sustainability is a key driver for us at Umicore PMC. It is our vision to create a cleaner, safer future with greener modes of transportation. That’s why we are dedicated to providing solutions across the whole range of vehicle transportation, from fuel cell catalysts to catalytic converters.

With decades of experience supplying the automotive industry, we know that the right catalyst formulations can drive your success. As an established global leader in clean mobility solutions, our R&D and production facilities are used by companies working in all modes of transportation.

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Discover our capabilities in the automotive market:

Fuel cell catalysts

Catalysts for clean air fuel cells

To realise our vision of a more sustainable future, new sources of fuel for vehicles need to be developed and optimised. Hydrogen fuel is one alternative that is being investigated to replace the internal combustion engine. Fuel cell-powered vehicles provide a sustainable and cleaner alternative fuel source, boasting longer ranges, shorter refuelling times and higher energy density compared with battery-powered electric vehicles. These advantages make the fuel cell-powered automotive attractive in long-distance or energy-demanding haulage applications.

At Umicore PMC, we leverage our decades of experience handling precious metal platinum and iridium catalysts for a range of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Supplying both anode and cathode catalysts, we pride ourselves on developing efficient solutions that revolutionise the way we travel. With our experience beginning in the 1980’s, we continually innovate to develop cost-effective catalysts that provide the performance needed in a fuel cell.

Our continuous innovation in catalyst particles and technologies is helping to boost catalyst performance, optimised and designed specifically for mobile applications. We work to minimise the impact on your business by making our synthetic processes scalable to the level that works for you.

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It is our goal to accelerate the development of fuel cells and increase the adoption of this technology.

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Catalytic converters

Innovating to provide materials for cleaner air

With decades of experience operating in the sale of precious metals for a range of applications, we have built our company around finding solutions in inorganic and precious metals chemistry. We leverage this experience to provide advanced solutions that excel in automotive applications. In particular, we are focused on finding solutions that make transportation cleaner and more sustainable.

To realise the vision of having readily accessible clean modes of transport, you need catalysts that are capable of revolutionising the emissions from the internal combustion engine. Our advanced precious metal solutions are vital in this role, providing your catalysts a high level of functionality and efficiency in removing harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide.

We consider each project individually, tailor-making solutions to meet your required objectives. This helps ensure we deliver exactly what you need to make sure the air in our cities is clean and safe to breathe.

Let’s work together to create a cleaner future for all.

For more information on our customised emission control solutions for all types of combustion engines or stationary applications, please visit our dedicated website.

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