Cooperation is the essence of our business. Our partnerships will boost your innovation.

Combined strengths make the difference. Most of our products are developed in close cooperation with customers and partners. Here are our most important cooperation partners and the benefits our collaborations offer you. 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Igenerix Pharma / India

Igenerix' experience in representing Indian companies in global markets and global life science companies in India is key to our cooperation in India. This allows the Indian pharma and generics market to access our expertise in hAPIs development and manufacturing.

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KANEDA / Japan

Kaneda's customer orientation and widely recognized expertise in regulatory affairs and APIs supply in Japan, together with our commitment to highest product quality, is the key for solid value for our clients.

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Midas Pharmaceuticals / USA

Midas' 15 year experience in the North American market complements our decades of expertise with highly potent APIs. We provide together more value to our US pharma customers.

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ALS Pharma / Korea

Together with ALS Pharma, we offer our Korean clients an attractive package: Umicore's high quality hAPIs and ALS Pharma's exclusive customer services and regulatory affairs expertise.

Homogeneous Catalysts

Digital Specialty Chemicals

Our cooperation with DSC, the recognized expert in organophosphorus ligands, helps our customers benefit from efficient advanced catalysis, either in-situ or through our ready-made metal-ligand systems.

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Sigma-Aldrich Catalogue

The new MilliporeSigma provides the fastest global access to advanced homogenous catalysts on R&D scale. It guarantees an easy sourcing of Umicore catalysts in small quantities and in real time.

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Solvias offers unrivalled expertise in catalysis, contract research, development and manufacturing. This makes them the ideal partner to offer our customers exclusive support for their fine chemicals.

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Strem Chemicals

Strem Chemicals, a partner of choice for lab quantities, is continuously providing innovative high grade transition metal catalysts with fast delivery, allowing us to provide commercial scale quality, from lab to industrial quantities.

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Umicore Precious Metals Management

Umicore's Precious Metals Management business unit ensures worldwide supply of Platinum Group Metals, securing our customers' access to Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and Iridium among other precious metals.

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Elevance Renewable Sciences

Elevance creates novel, high-performing specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks using a proprietary, Nobel-prize-winning technology called olefin metathesis. Elevance is the first and only company to have commercialized natural oil metathesis technology at scale.

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