Umicore donates € 5,000 to the University Children’s Hospital in Würzburg

Precious Metals Chemistry

For the seventh year, materials technology and recycling group Umicore’s business unit Precious Metals Chemistry has been making an annual donation to the organization “Parents' Initiative for Children with Leukemia and Tumors Würzburg” (Elterninitiative leukämie- und tumorkranker Kinder Würzburg e.V.). This donation supports important research projects in the field of pediatric oncology at the University Children's Hospital of Würzburg, Germany. Umicore’s business unit is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high potency, metal-containing and organic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to combat cancer.

"Efficiently treating cancer is a major commitment of Umicore. Therefore, we will continue to actively work on the development of more efficient oncology products,"

says Michael Schwarz, Director Global API Business at Umicore. "Every year, the pediatric oncology department at the University Hospital of Würzburg admits around 100 children and adolescents who are newly diagnosed with cancer. With the donation we have the opportunity to help these children and young people directly."

Preparations based on precious metals such as platinum have been essential since the 1970s in the chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer. Umicore has been producing for more than 20 years oxaliplatin, carboplatin, cisplatin and a few other metal-based and organic active pharmaceutical ingredients that are important in oncology.

The “Parents' Initiative for Children with Leukemia and Tumors Würzburg” has a longstanding and close relationship with the pediatric oncology department in Würzburg and supports the young patients, their families and the clinic itself in many ways. In addition to patient care in the clinic, this includes the care and support of all involved relatives and of their environment at home. Especially in corona times, this is a very special challenge. Patient care at home offers great advantages to children and adolescents and reduces time-consuming and exhausting visits to the clinic. The University Hospital is also working on new therapeutic approaches against cancer, such as tumor vaccinations or the production of tumor-specific immune cells, in order to stop the progression of cancer types that are still incurable. 

Prof. Dr. Paul Schlegel, Head of the Department of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, and Jana Lorenz-Eck, member of the board of the Parents' Initiative, are pleased about this new donation and thank Umicore for this contribution.

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