Watch: How are catalysis businesses supporting challenges in the pharma industry?

The catalysis sector has a long history of innovating in response to challenges facing manufacturing industries, such as the pharmaceutical market. This continues to this day, with new solutions constantly being developed by scientists to solve problems and help process chemists access more efficient reaction routes. 

Three leading figures in cross-coupling, Philipp Oczipka, Head of Technical Sales and Business Development of Homogeneous Catalysts at Umicore PMC, Nilay Hazari, Professor at Yale University, and Viktoria Gessner, Head of Inorganic Chemistry at Ruhr University Bochum, discuss how catalysis businesses are helping the pharmaceutical industry overcome contemporary challenges in this clip from a Umicore PMC roundtable.

Roundtable with Philipp Oczipka, Nilay Hazari and Viktoria Gessner - Part 3

Produced in collaboration with The Medicine Maker, discover insights into how cross-coupling catalysis has changed in recent years in both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries from three industry experts.

Watch the full roundtable via The Medicine Maker here: