Yale Professor of Chemistry, Nilay Hazari, shares his thoughts on ‘The Rational Design of Precatalysts for Cross-Coupling and Related Reactions’.

Umicore PMC’s inaugural ‘Catalysis Symposium’ provided an opportunity to discover detailed insights into the latest developments in homogeneous catalysis technologies from an acclaimed line-up of industry thought leaders.

In recent years, the application of bench-stable precatalysts, including Hazari’s palladium-based precatalysts offered by Umicore, has resulted in cutting-edge reactions and expanded substrate scopes.

To learn more about this innovative technology, we’re watching Nilay Hazari, Yale Professor of Chemistry, talk at our Catalysis Symposium. Here, he discussed how his research group utilises pioneering tools to rationally design precatalysts for cross-coupling reactions.

Speaker: Nilay Hazari, Professor of Chemistry at Yale University

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