Best of Both Worlds: how academia and industry can create more fruitful academia-industry partnerships

Traditionally, it was thought that academic research and industrial development in the chemical and material sciences sector occupied different spaces within the R&D landscape. 

However, as society seeks solutions to modern challenges, such as energy and health, it has become clear that creating strong, fruitful bridges across these boundaries is vital to delivering a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrow. 

At Umicore PMC, we apply a framework of cooperation, flexibility, and communication to bring innovations to the market through collaboration. This approach provided the basis to the commercialization of our YPhos ligands technology

Taking the learnings from this experience, close collaborators and inorganic chemistry experts, Viktoria Gessner and Angelino Doppiu, shared their thoughts on how industry and academia can work together to break down the silos and create a new R&D ecosystem where both sectors can thrive. 

Read their article on The Medicine Maker's website here.