A drug developer’s guide to enhancing catalytic processes

Catalysis is an essential technology at the heart of many pharmaceutical processes. However, for drug developers creating sustainable catalytic processes means managing multiple factors, including technology and recovery.

As part of Chemistry World’s digital supplement, Forefront of Pharma, our colleagues, Dirk Rickert and Philip Wheeler, shared their thoughts on Umicore’s closed-loop approach to catalysis and how we’re applying it to maximise the value of precious metal catalysts in Pharma.

Their thoughts are further encapsulated in our infographic ‘A drug developer’s guide to enhancing catalytic processes’.

This four-part infographic showcases how catalyst technologies are utilised in the pharmaceutical industry to develop sustainable and innovative routes to much-needed APIs and fine chemicals.

Check out the infographic below.

Interested in learning more about our approach to catalyst recovery and refining, check out the full article here.