Developing new chemicals for electronic devices

At Umicore, our quest to develop new electronic chemicals is driven by Moore’s law and our customers' wishes to go beyond. There are many challenges associated with reducing the size of an electronic product while also improving functionality.  New chemicals, methods of synthesis and deposition technologies are needed in order to deliver the next-generation of advanced electronics.

We understand the need to provide chemicals that are highly pure and offer better performance, all at a lower cost to the consumer. We provide expertise in many aspects of electronic chemical synthesis. In particular, our synthetic strategies produce highly pure chemicals that can be used across a range of applications. Our knowledge in atomic layer deposition provides a key step for success in the electronics industry.

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Chemical precursors for electronic applications

Developing electronic precursor chemicals does not need to be a challenge.

At Umicore, we specialise in developing chemicals that can be applied to new electronic industries. With expertise in high purity chemical synthesis, we are a one-stop collaborative partner to help overcome the challenges commonly faced in the electronics industry.

We apply a collaborative approach to our research and development, providing you with solutions to your electronic problems. Partnering with Umicore provides you with access to:

  • Our expertise in handling toxic or sensitive materials and metal organic materials manufacturing
  • Our metal sourcing and recycling capabilities
  • Extensive analytics and metrology resources
  • Innovative business models such as Umicore’s DirectVapor™ delivery system

Covering applications such as optoelectronic, photonic or power applications, we offer a range of solutions that involve gallium, cobalt, tantalum, ruthenium or tungsten-based metal precursors. Our chemical portfolio of electronic precursors is constantly evolving, and we tailor our solutions to individual challenges.

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Catalysing electronic syntheses

Working with Umicore PMC provides you with many benefits in the electronics industry.

We pride ourselves on finding and delivering solutions that help our customers get to market quickly, without having to compromise on quality. With Umicore, we reliably deliver innovative chemicals to meet your electronic application.

We leverage our decades of experience in developing environmentally-friendly and sustainable reactions to your electronic synthesis. To achieve this, we work to identify new synthetic strategies that help us create and analyse innovative chemicals for the electronic markets. With Umicore, you can be confident you have access to:

  • A vast portfolio of synthetic catalysts to accelerate the creation of precursor chemicals
  • An analytical department capable of identifying impurities present at parts per billion (ppb) concentrations
  • A global logistics and partnership infrastructure to supply where you want to produce chemicals
  • Experience handling toxic and potentially pyrophoric materials safely in a variety of applications 

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Metal-based sensor materials

Sensors have revolutionised many of our industries including transportation, environmental detection and industrial automation.

In these applications, Umicore electronic precursor chemicals play a vital role in ensuring gas is detected in mines, or there are optimal levels of oxygen in the internal combustion engine of an automotive . Our expertise in providing the right surface area, particle size, oxide content and more ensures your chemical component provides the exact level of functionality needed for your application.

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